RTSports Pick ‘Em 2-27-23

by Mark Strausberg
2023 NFL Futures Bets

My Monday is a little clearer than usual, so you are getting a bonus article today, the RTSports Pick 'Em 2-27-23.

If you go back and look at our previous article, we made a nice little profit, investing two units and getting back three.

We are going to do the same thing we did last, by making identical bets but taking advantage of RTSports "mulligan" feature".

However, as I said previously, let me know what you like and don't like. I'm nothing else if not flexible!

But for now, let's focus on the RTSports Pick 'Em 2-27-23 options.

RTSports Pick 'Em 2-27-23 Bets

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$1 Bet on Jimmy Butler, Tobias HarrisLaMelo Ball to Win $6

$1 Bet on Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris  & LaMelo Ball to Win $3 (w/ mulligan)

First off, let me elaborate on the details for each of these. They are all points props. They include OVER 22.5 Points for Butler, OVER 14.5 Points for Harris, and just to mix it up a little, UNDER 25.5 points for Ball.

You'll notice the "mulligan" option in the second bet, which is one of my favorite features of the RTSports Pick Em Contests. It allows us to get one leg wrong, although we do surrender half of our potential winnings for that option. But those of frequent bettors know how often we are "just one leg away from hitting big". So this helps eliminate those excuses!

And in this case, should I get one leg wrong, I will still come out with a small profit. Let's break each of these three legs down.

Jimmy Butler OVER 22.5 Points

I'm not a big fan of "revenge narratives". So I won't say Butler is looking for revenge against his previous team. However, Butler does tend to have decent games against his previous teams. Just look at some recent games against Philadelphia, including last year's playoff series:


And if you look down that points column, he has hit our necessary mark in all four of his last four games against the 76ers. And during that stretch he averaged 32 points a game.

So the history is nice, but if Jimmy Buckets wasn't making a lot lately, I wouldn't be so confident. He is averaging just under 22 points a game this season (21.9), which does make me a little leery. However, he's been shooting well lately, coming off a 28-point outing against Charlotte the other night and a 23-point outing the night before against Milwaukee.

I think he can get to 23 points again. I'm taking the over. But Butler is not the only player in this game whose over I am taking.

Tobias Harris OVER 14.5 points

Miami is allowing the 11th-highest shooting percentage this season (47.6%) and that number jumps to 47.9% over their last three games. A decent match-up however is not the only reason I like Harris here. He too has been playing extremely well lately as this 76er team is getting healthier and showing they are a definite title contender.

Harris is averaging 15.5 ppg this season but has been even better lately. Despite playing playoff-contending Memphis and Boston, he scored 20 and 19 points against them respectively his last two games. I don't think Harris scores 20 points tonight, but I'm very confident he buries at least 15. I'd be happy to make this bet without the mulligan.

LaMelo Ball UNDER 25.5 points

I'll say this up front-I think Ball has a very good game tonight. You can't sit him in your seasonal fantasy contests and I'll probably have him in a few of my DFS lineups tonight as well. However, scoring more than 25 points is a hurdle I don't think Ball exceeds tonight.

Ball is averaging just 23.4 ppg this season. He shot just 6-for-22 on Saturday night when he finished with 19 points. Do I think he will finish with more than 19 points? Definitely. But in two games this season against Detroit, Ball scored 23 in each. His career average against Detroit is even lower 18.4 ppg. I think he exceeds that tonight, but 26 points feels overly greedy. I'm taking the UNDER.

Check out the rest of both our NBA Coverage and Betting Coverage.

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