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Stacking to Win Your DFS Baseball Tournament


Stacking in daily fantasy baseball refers to drafting several hitters from a team that you project to have a big offensive day. This method is most commonly saved for daily fantasy tournaments, as opposed to cash games, as there is a high degree of risk involved. Below are some key points to keep in mind when determining how to use stacking to win at daily fantasy baseball.

Stacking to Win Your DFS Baseball Tournament

Vegas Odds

The best place to start is by checking the Vegas totals and baseball betting odds for each MLB game on the slate that day. Head over to before the games start to see how many runs are predicted to be scored in each game. Vegas is correct more often than not as they incorporate nearly every aspect imaginable into their projections. They are an excellent starting point for drafting your lineup and deciding which team you want to stack. Note a few teams with high projected totals that you may want to stack in your lineup.

Starting Pitchers

The opposing starting pitcher is the next key factor to evaluate. Pitchers with a propensity to get rocked are very enticing to stack against. The more wild a pitcher is the more likely he will have a bad outing. This is what we look for when choosing a team to stack. A team with a high projected total facing a wild pitcher is a great candidate to be stacked in your lineup.

Don’t Forget About the Bullpen

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The status of the opposing bullpen should also be taken into consideration. If the opposing team is coming off of an extra innings marathon in which they used seven pitchers, chances are their bullpen will not be 100% effective in this game. In many lopsided games, much of the damage is done off of the worst pitchers on the staff – the long and middle relief.

Some teams have one-star relief pitcher who can provide several good innings. A prime example is the Indians, who often let Andrew Miller pitch multiple innings. If Miller pitched three or four innings in the previous game, the Indians will have to patch the middle-to-late innings together with lesser pitchers, the long and middle relief.

Be Contrarian

The final (and trickiest) piece of advice is to be contrarian with your stack so as to separate your lineup from the field in large tournaments. Let’s say the wind is blowing out at Wrigley and the Cubs are facing an unproven rookie pitcher. Chances are that a large percentage of entries in the tournament will include a Cubs stack. If you decide to stack the Cubs as well and 33% of entries have six or seven Cubs hitters, you will still be competing with 33% of the field if the Cubs do well.

If you stack a less popular team, however, you will be competing with a much smaller set of lineups to win the tournament. In large tournaments, try stacking a team with a good, but less obviously good, matchup. Maybe they are facing a big name pitcher who has been quietly struggling or they are returning home after a long road trip. Every day in the MLB, unexpected teams put up big offensive numbers. Stack these less popular choices and, if they do well, you are almost guaranteed to place high in the tournament.


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