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Super Bowl LV Semis: Bucs Face Packers For NFC, Chiefs Meet Bills At AFC


In two weeks, the Super Bowl LV will be live at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida. The Weeknd will star the halftime show, performing his latest and most popular singles. This will be the 2020 NFL season’s culmination program, which strived hard to launch last September amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before heading on to the finale matches on February 7, 2021, the NFL community will witness the most suspenseful Conference Finals this weekend. It is probably one of the most historical events in the Super Bowl to look forward to as two of the biggest dogs in the NFC will joust to earn a final slot. At the same, AFC will have the most surprising match-up that never occurred in the NFL before.

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National Football Conference Conquerors

The NFC teams this year have worked so hard to produce the best performing groups. Unfortunately, the huge favorites like the Saints and the Seahawks failed to enter the semis. But, two of the biggest dogs dominated the quarterfinals and will then vie for the conference title.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers slew the quarterfinals by sweeping the Los Angeles Rams to a 32-18 game run. Aaron Rodgers finished the game with two touchdowns while the offensive department led by Aaron Jones soared high, making 14 carries. Not only that, but Krys Barns had worked tremendously on the defense side, accomplishing seven tackles and three assists.

The Packers accomplished 484 yards compared to the Rams, who made 244 yards looking into the overall team stats. On the passing departments, the Packers were on 296 while the Rams were at 148. Overall, the Packers had won over the Rams after recording 28 first downs over the Rams, who made seventeen only.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As the host of the Super Bowl LV, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have successfully revived their strength after winning against the Saints. During the playoffs, the Bucs’ fate was not clear until they got a chance to compete in the  Wildcard Week. During this do or die game, the Bucs came in solid, dispatching the Rams to proceed to the quarterfinals.

Expectedly, the Bucs winning performance was led by Tom Brady, accomplishing two touchdowns in 199 yards compared to Drew Brees, who only made one touchdown in 134 yards. With a final score of 30-20 in favor of the Bucs, the Brady and Gron tandem is now back in the Super Bowl slate, which was not seen many years ago.

American Football Conference Victors

The AFC teams had the toughest road to take in the Super Bowl. Most of this year’s NFL favorite teams are coming from this conference, and all eyes are on them. As the Conference finals occur this week, the fans can expect the most electrifying and soul string match between the two biggest NFL teams today.

Buffalo Bills

As they say, when it rains, it pours. The Buffalo Bills have a good ride in the 2020 season after closing the AFC East with thirteen wins and three losses. Perhaps, this is the Bills’ biggest achievement for many years. Besides that, they have proven that the underdogs can slay their rivals without mercy.

During the Divisional round, the Bills buried the Ravens in a 17-3 game run. It is quite an ironic ending for the Ravens as they opened the NFL season with a huge blow-out yet submerged at the end. Josh Allen had done his job of leading the team to a successful Super Bowl quest this year, accomplishing one touchdown in 206  yards.

Kansas City Chiefs

If there’s an NFL team who showed consistency since the season open, the Chiefs are probably the name to boast. This 2019 NFL champion is two more steps closer to earning a back-to-back Super Bowl title. They ended the AFC West with fourteen wins and two losses.

In the quarterfinals, the Chiefs effortlessly turned down the Cleveland Browns to a 22-17 game run. The reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes has clearly established his name as the toughest quarterback in today’s NFL generation. He accomplished one touchdown in 255 yards and sent the Chiefs to the sweetest Conference Finals spot.


The NFL Conference Finals is a crucial round since it will determine which team can represent the two groups in the Super Bowl finale. It is something you must not miss as well as the betting games it carries.

Will the Bucs overcome their hard-earned wins this season to clinch the NFC crown, or will it be the other way around? Can the stars continue to align in favor of the Chiefs, or will the Bills’ luck work in the semis so victory can be on their side?

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