The Bottom of the Barrel: NFL DFS Preseason Preview – AFC East

by Chris Robin
The Bottom Of The Barrel: NFL DFS Preseason Preview - AFC East

This NFL DFS content might be a bit early, but it is back! The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS AFC East Preseason Preview is here!

The lack of respect and lack of civility is downright criminal. I honestly believe people are mostly good, but others are all doom and gloom. Just looking to fight. Just looking to cause chaos. Those people are the most exhausting. The chip on my shoulder with something to prove people are a close second. It is all made-up fiction in one’s head. The chest-thumping theatrics will only get you so far. If push came to shove, would you be able to have an intelligent conversation? Or would the reply be littered with vulgarities and personal attacks?

There is a difference, and it is not too hard to explain. Using facts to prove a point have their merits. Using insults and off-topic remarks only discredits you more. Yet, some choose below-the-belt vulgarities because it is quick and easy. That is what feels best at the time. Just another sign of awful behavior. A lack of manners and a total disconnect from reality. The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS can be vulgar at times but that is to be expected.

When any of us are attacked emotionally and put down we have options. To me, it is the old Fight or Flight discussion. How do we fight back? For the sake of the article, I will omit the physicality of fists and weapons. So, what is left? Our words, education, and quick-witted nature. When human beings are thrust into an uncomfortable stressful situation we react fast without regret. We can say some embarrassing comments that we instantly regret.

I have learned long ago to think before I speak. What we say can never be taken back. We can apologize and promise not to ever say it again, but the damage is done. Which we learned at a young age. You should treat others how you would want to be treated. I never want to purposefully hurt your feelings. I would never go out of my way to put you down or disparage your name. Yet, in the heat of the moment, things can be said out of anger.

The term, “living rent-free” has become a popular saying on social media. Why is that? I have an idea. It is a way to take credit for being a pest. An overused slang term to profess how often you are mistreating someone. It is the same as holding a grudge. Let me put it this way, it is like me drinking poison hoping it kills you. That does not make sense, right? That is not possible! So why entertain the idea? There is nothing to gain.

Everything going on around us, good or bad, is exactly how it should be at this exact moment in time. Plus, we must understand the fact every one of us is different. More specifically, we all have different personalities. We have all developed differently. Take that into account before you judge. If it helps The Bottom of the Barrel is my release.

We are human. Humans make mistakes. I would just like to get to a point personally and professionally where I can fully express my thoughts and opinions to the best of my ability. In the meantime, now and forever, I am a work in progress.

After the 2022-23 NFL season came to an end, I was toasted. Burnt to a crisp with no direction. After such a grueling schedule of written work and video content having a few moments to myself felt weird. I felt close to myself but with no meaning or understanding. Being able to put my head down and work so hard for so long isn’t always for the best. The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS realistically became my closest friend.

The idea of a preseason daily fantasy sports article is ludicrous. Looking ahead to events that we can only plan for when we see them is strange. That is the beauty of The Bottom of the Barrel! I have allowed myself free reign to daydream about the many roads ahead. Realistically, under any other circumstance that would be bad news for me. Yet, given the platform and green light, here we are! My pen and paper are one thing. The inner workings of my mind are another. I try and combine the two the best I can!

As we weave our way through each division of the NFL, I ask you to keep an open mind. This article is meant to be fun. Nothing is set in stone given the current time frame of summer camps. For example, the entire idea of The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS is predicated on not being stuck with a seasonal team! Being able to still have fun playing Fantasy Football and getting around the inevitability of player injuries. So, let’s have some fun. Let’s explore some of the weirder ideas for the upcoming football season!

You can find Chris on Twitter @DetroitBeastie. He is also active on Discord and will soon be sharing video content on YouTube!

The Bottom of the Barrel: NFL DFS Preseason Preview - AFC East

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Buffalo Bills

The Bills are back again looking to get over that Kansas City hump in the AFC. The main focus in Buffalo stays the same as we comb through their roster looking to strike gold!

Trent Sherfield, WR

Trent signed a one-year deal with the Bills after spending last year with the division-rival Dolphins, where he set career highs in most statistical categories! Sherfield had 30 catches for 417 yards and two touchdowns. What I found most interesting is the fact he did so on 58 percent of the offensive snaps. So, in my opinion, Trent traded the firepower of the Dolphin's offense for that of the Bills. Ask yourself quickly, which offense would you trust most? From a depth chart perspective, nothing will change. Trent will be the third wide receiver on that list but with an upgrade at quarterback. Look for his price tag to stay affordable throughout the year while he helps fill out our rosters. I also think he doubles his touchdown output from last year as well. A career-high four TDs lie ahead for Mr. Sherfield!

Damien Harris, RB

There has been so much anger and nasty talk about the running back position as of late, or is it just me? It’s just an inter-changeable position that doesn’t deserve all the praise and money that some think it should. Maybe that is a conversation for another time. However, I said that, so you’ll hopefully understand my next thought. Has the running back position, in Buffalo, become a faceless and interchangeable roster spot like it has in Kansas City? Off the record, if I think like this then so does the Bills brass. I mean, at this stage nothing is off-limits. There have been times when the weather gets cold, the Bills like to lean on their RBs. Harris fits the mold given his time in New England. Maybe I am getting old, or wiser, but this singing was one of my favorites!

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Miami Dolphins

Cedrick Wilson, WR

First, not much talk about Cedrick so far this summer but the idea of him fitting well with Mike Mcdaniel's scheme is plausible. Second, football is a business. More than likely Wilson will be asked to take a pay cut. If he does agree it could create this understanding with the coaching staff that they still believe in him, but he needs to kick it up a notch. Then, revving up Wilson to play better and stronger. I’ve rostered players for less. The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS articles have been written under less information!

De’Von Achane, RB (Rookie)

I would be a fool not to mention the rookie running back here. By all accounts, Achane has stood out in all of Miami’s offseason drills. Granted, that’s where he should’ve stood out! No pads, quick passing drills, and his 4.32 40 time left to shine bright! There were times last season I spent time, in articles just like this, talking about Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson. Why does that fact matter? It helps me place a time stamp on my work. It also helps me realize how fast this business moves. So, before we toss aside useful options like Mostert and Wilson let's pause and realize some new shiny option isn’t always what is best. The tried-and-true ways, no matter how much time passes, still hold firm!

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New England Patriots

Pierre Strong, RB

Damien Harris is gone. James Robinson was just cut. It’s easy to see why I love the idea of Pierre Strong. Most times DFS isn’t this large-scale mathematical problem some folks portray it to be. Football players out football players in! The term most writers use here would be, “complimentary snaps”. Basically, a buzzword to help fill the gaps when there is nothing to say. Upon closer inspection, I believe the Patriots franchise is in this odd purgatory phase. Look around the league and you will see how each division is ever-changing and always evolving. Bill Belichick will never use the term rebuilding but let’s be frank, they are.

Would it benefit them to run Rhamondre into the ground? How about letting the trio of Ty Montgomery, Kevin Harris, and J.J. Taylor carry the load? What if we found common ground by watching Pierre Strong blossom into a trusted piece of our weekly DFS puzzle?

Bailey Zappe, QB

If we keep digging into the Patriots roster it lends itself to a few facts. If you are like me then there is always a little rabbit hole to find. Let’s stick with the rebuilding Patriots narrative. It will all make sense in the end, promise! Bailey completed sixty-five passes on ninety-two passing attempts for seven hundred and eighty-one yards with five TDs on four appearances. All-in-all Zappe filled in admirably for Mac Jones last year. Truth be told it has a lot of Brock Purdy ideals behind it. I digress two separate teams on two separate coasts.

The Patriots coaching staff, and front office, have made it clear that Mac Jones is their starting QB for the 2023-24 NFL season. Yet, the leash may be shorter than it’s ever been for Mac as he tries to right the ship after a rocky 2022-23 season. Look, I hate to say this out loud or put it in print but a large portion of DFS success is about being a vulture. If there is a window to be had, at any point this year, to roster a cheap QB in a good spot then I am on it! I do firmly believe we haven’t heard the last of Baily Zappe and there will be a time this season where he makes for an outstandingly cheap option. Eyes open my DFS vultures!

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New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers, QB

Where do I begin with Aaron Rodgers? This guy has been a thorn in the side of all NFC North fans for years on end. Not even in the NFC anymore! Sometimes it is tough to put my personal feelings aside to best serve you but at the same time isn’t that what makes The Bottom of the Barrel interesting? Lest we forget Aaron Rodgers is a stone-cold stud. Four All-Pro awards, four league MVPs, ten Pro Bowl awards, and one Super Bowl would clearly state that. However, Aaron faded away last year in Green Bay. His passing yardage was down. Only 26 passing touchdowns, his lowest since 2019. What stood out the most were the interceptions. To be fair, he was a perfect candidate for The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS articles last season.

A large portion of folks hate what they can’t have. Those same people fear the same thing. I speak from experience and from a place of honesty. Hate is a nasty word. Hate is an awful action. While Aaron Rodgers certainly incites a lot of hate, anger, and fear I know one thing. While his price tag across the board may rise to levels that keep him out of the article some weeks trust that I will keep an eye on his activity looking at every chance to sneak one over in my DFS entries. Sometimes hate and anger can change a person. Jealousy can too but if used in the right way it can all be eye-opening. Do not write off Rodgers just yet. The magic man has a few tricks left to play.

Jeremy Ruckert, TE

First tight-end of the article. Shocking given my predisposition over the position. Rarely do I draft a TE early in seasonal formats and rarely, if at all, do I pay up for the position in DFS formats. Every week of the NFL season there is always a reason to fade the position. If not, then we can make one up. We’re not here to have the vaunted tight-end discussion. I just wanted to mention Jeremy Ruckert. It was no secret that he dealt with a plantar fasciitis issue last season. The Jets drafted him anyways based on their long-term plans. No time like the present, right?

I am fully aware Tyler Conklin and C.J. Uzomah are listed as TE1 and TE2 on the Jets depth chart, but Uzomah is 30 years old and just came off the PUP list. Jeremy should pass him up quickly this summer. If you choose to keep an eye on the positional battles of the Jets offense in camp let me know.  Aaron Rodgers is big on trusting in his teammates. If he trusts them then they get the football. The propensity, and likelihood, of the Jets running two tight end sets even more so this coming season makes for a beautiful match.

There you have it! All my most intimate thoughts and ideas for the AFC East. Thank you for tagging along and suspending belief for a short period of time while reading The Bottom of the Barrel NFL DFS. The good news is that we are going to get together a lot this coming football season. The bad news is that we are going to get together a lot this coming football season. Without you reading The Bottom of the Barrel the mere idea of it all does not exist. Thank you.

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You can find Chris on Twitter @DetroitBeastie. His love for DFS has no bounds. All the crazy hair-brained schemes he comes up with seem to all work out for him in the end!

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