The Fantasy Edge Free Agency Special

by Richard Savill
The Fantasy Edge 2020 Preseason 2

Spring is in the air and NCAA March Madness is around the corner. The NFL has its own version of March Madness when player contracts all clock an extra year on the calendar. This includes those which expire. So The Fantasy Edge Free Agency Special collected up those early moves and those preceding annual contract expiry.

Richard Savill , Kevin Hou and Jonathan Chan examine these moves to begin the off-season and some of the fantasy implications. They also look at the results which give us some determination of draft needs of the teams these moves affect.

A roundup of the latest news out of Rotoworld.

The Fantasy Edge Free Agency Special

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In this podcast we discuss:

The Players discussed here...

Antonio BrownTo RaidersFor 3rd and 5th round picks to Steelers
OBJTo BrownsFor 1st and 3rd round picks to Giants
Le'Veon BellTo Jets4yr $52m contract
Nick FolesTo Jaguars4yr $88m contract
Case KeenumTo Redskinswas Broncos
Joe FlaccoTo Broncoswas Ravens
Kareem HuntTo Brownspending league discipline
Carlos HydeTo Chiefswas Jaguars
Mark IngramTo Ravenswas Saints
Cole Beasley/John Brown/Frank GoreTo Billswas Cowboys/Ravens/Dolphins
Latavius MurrayTo Saintswas Vikings
Devin FunchessTo Coltswas Panthers
Mike DavisTo Bearswas Seahawks
Adam HumphriesTo Titanswas Buccaneers
DeSean Jackson To Eagleswas Buccaneers
Jamison CrowderTo Jetswas Redskins
Danny AmendolaTo Lionswas Dolphins
Jason WittenTo Cowboyswas broadcaster
Andre Ellington To Bucswas out of the league
Breshad PerrimanTo Bucswas Browns
Cordarrelle PattersonTo Bearswas Patriots
Tyrod Taylor to Chargerswas Browns
Tyrell Williamsto Raiderswas Chargers
Tevin Colemanto 49erswas Falcons

All this and much, much, more on The Fantasy Edge...

... giving you the edge for your fantasy football team

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