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The Fantasy Six Pack Hour: 2018 Fantasy Football Week 2


The Fantasy Six Pack Hour is back. I am back with my co-host A.J. Applegarth as we get you ready for 2018 Fantasy Football Week 2 and hopefully another victory for your season.

One thing before we get started I want to get my post-Week 1 PSA out of the way. Don’t panic people. Yes, there are your so-called star players had a bad game. So what? It’s one game. Yes, some situations warrant a little more attention now than others, but I’m not dropping somebody I drafted in round three after one week because he had a bad game. That is how you lose Fantasy Football.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 2

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The Fantasy Six Pack Hour

2018 Fantasy Football Week 2

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Week 1 Recap

We recap some of the major storylines coming out of Week 1 including.


Every week we are going to have injuries. We want to make sure we give you the latest update on all the injuries and any backup plans you need to make. This week the following injured players we discuss are:

Wavier Wire

This week’s waiver wire was not the most exciting one I have seen after Week 1. However, there are some names that useful to provide some depth and possible relief for some of those injured players.

Just a few of the names we will discuss are:

Week 2 Picks

Each week we give our weekly picks.

  • Highest and Lowest Fantasy Football scoring game.
  • QB/RB/WR Sleepers and Busts.
  • Defensive streaming option

Beer of the Week

Each week we will be letting you know what we are drinking this week as we do the show. Feel free to share with us your favorites on Twitter @F6P_Joe and @AppleGarthAlgar.

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