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The Fantasy Six Pack Hour Podcast: 2019 Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove Talk


Welcome to The Fantasy Six Pack Hour Podcast. A.J. Applegarth will join me as my co-host and we are happy to be back, kicking off the Fantasy Baseball season with some 2019 Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove Talk.

Of course, the Super Bowl is happening this weekend, so we open with giving our predictions of the game.

We also welcome guest Brendan Tuma from FantasyPros and co-host of The Allow Me 2 Be Frank Podcast. You can find him on Twitter, @TooMuchTuma.

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2019 Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove Talk

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Beer of the Week

We begin each show by letting you know what we are drinking. Feel free to share with us your favorites on Twitter @F6P_Joe and @AppleGarthAlgar.

The Not-so Hot Stove

Quite a few high profile players have yet to sign this offseason. We discuss their potential landing spots and impact of those for these players including…

Free Agent Signings

We then break down the free agents who have signed including…


It wasn’t just free agency that made an impact for Fantasy Baseball. There were plenty of trades too. We discuss these trades including…

2019 Draft Strategy

A.J. and I close out with some strategy talk by discussing

  • How the power number dropping back to 2017 levels changes things.
  • Steals drops again, do you chase even more?
  • Batting average drops again as well. Do we punt this category or promote those who hit for power even more?

Check out the rest of our 2019 Fantasy Baseball content from our great team of writers.

About Joe Bond

Not just another "Average Joe" when it comes to Fantasy Sports, he is the fantasy brain trust behind the website. Joe is included in the FantasyPros Consensus Rankings for Football, Baseball and Basketball and finished well each year. This includes a top-3 in-season ranking for Football in 2020 and top-5 in 2019. You can find him on Twitter, @F6P_Joe, where he is waiting by the keyboard for your question.

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