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The Fantasy Six Pack Hour Podcast: 2019 Outfield Preview


Welcome to The Fantasy Six Pack Hour Podcast. A.J. Applegarth will join me as my co-host. This week we will be covering the 2019 Outfield Preview.

Our guest this week is Bobby Sylvester, podcast host and analyst for Fantasy Pros. If you don’t already be sure to follow him on Twitter @bobbyfantasypro.

We finally got the big Bryce Harper signing last week. A.J. and I break that down a little. Of course, the A.J. is a huge Philly fan he will try to keep his excitement contained a little… (actually I can’t promise that).

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2019 Outfield Preview

Beer of the Week

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Draft Strategy

Bobby helps gives us how he attacks the outfield position in 2019. Does he go after the top 10 guys or does he wait?



We each give one under-rated and over-rated outfielder.


I started talking about my draft in The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational in last week’s show. At that point, we were 10 rounds in.

At the time of recording this, I am up to 22 players on my team. I give a quick overview of how my team is shaping up. A.J. and I will break down some of the picks I have made and what I need to address with the rest of the picks I have.

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