The Rise Of Fantasy Sports Gaming In 2020: What Can You Look Forward Too

by Andy Stitzer
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Fantasy sporting events in the digital age have seen an unprecedented amount of popularity in recent years. With major leagues and the potential of a cash prize for a majority in the US and across the world, these fantasy leagues are proving highly profitable and popular for sporting fans. In this article, we will be looking into the rise of Fantasy sport and how this has gained popularity in 2020.

Social Media And Fantasy Sport

As fantasy sport continues to become highly popular there is no denying that Social Media has had a key part to play. With several Facebook groups as well as twitter accounts and social media profiles for fans of fantasy sports such as Baseball and Football, this is helped to boost the popularity of fantasy sport at the beginning of every season.

Fantasy sport has gained a huge following at the time, with 60 million people tuning in to fantasy sports in the US and around the globe per game, this is a field of sport that has gained its own ecosystem and revenue in recent years.

The Shortage Of Live Sporting Events

Fantasy sport has also seen a surge in popularity during this unprecedented time as live sports events have been postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With the postponement of Wimbledon, the Premier League and several events many sports fans are turning to e-sports and fantasy sport to get their sporting fix. This has, therefore, meant that many of those out there missing live sporting events have turned to betting on different fantasy sports and other virtual sporting events.

As a result of this increase in popularity, there has been a huge increase in those offering fantasy sporting. This has then seen ESPN and several other sporting associations offering sporting live on TV and across their websites. This has helped to improve the popularity of fantasy sports as it has been made widely available to those that have free time during this lockdown period.

Fantasy Football Leagues Make Up 65%

Fantasy sport also has another benefit to sports in general in the form of higher viewership figures. With football taking up a majority of the fantasy football market, there are a majority of people that tune into these sports just because they are playing in a league. This has shown that 65% of people who are tuning into this sport only do so to follow along in their fantasy league. This is hugely popular for sports such as Football across the world as viewership figures online and on TV. This has helped to bring sports such as these to modern audiences and add a layer of interactivity to the sport that was not there before. This has also allowed for friendly competition between friends allowing for a whole new sporting opportunity.

Television Viewership

With several sports having a huge following on tv many are having to do more to reach to this new and emerging online audiences. This is where fantasy sport has managed to branch the audiences and connect fans of the sport in a new and exciting way. With friendly competition in fantasy leagues being accessible from the mobile phone, this has helped to connect to these audiences.

It is this friendly competition that has led to this being so popular as it makes sports interactive. With a clear leader board as well as the ability to make changes, this is a new way to interact with sports and come out on top. This is the interactivity that many are used to in games such as NBA 2K and FIFA on several consoles. Each of these sells thousands of units per year and are bringing in new audiences to the world of Football and the NBA as they continue to increase in popularity. It is this excitement that has proved highly popular in both football and the NBA and helped to boost their global popularity.

With this in mind, there are several ways that fantasy sport is continuing to change the way that fans interact with the world of sport in the modern era and is creating a new and exciting online fanbase that could prove highly profitable.

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