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Tomlin’s Tips: 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Football Bets


The divisional round was much better to Tomlin’s Tips, going .500 with my best bets. Now, let’s get to the black with the 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Football Bets!

I actually feel good about my picks last week. The 49ers/Vikings game went exactly as I thought. At one point the 49ers were six of nine on third down and had a 20-minute possession time advantage. The over in the Chiefs/Texans game was covered by the Chiefs themselves.

The Baltimore and Tennessee game opened my eyes to something I had not realized before: Lamar Jackson cannot come from behind. He has yet to come from behind more than a single score in his young NFL career. This season, he never overcame more than a six-point deficit.

I even got in arguments on Twitter Saturday night, when I said that the game against the Titans proved two things: Lamar was not a better all-around quarterback than Pat Mahomes and he was nowhere near worth a round one pick in 2020 Fantasy Football drafts. People grilled me, but I stand by these statements completely.

The counter-argument was that he had over 500 yards of offense. However, they still got their doors blown off. The game showed that relying on Lamar too much, especially when behind, is not good for their team as a whole. I think his statistics will seriously regress next season.

My other loss was disheartening. Whenever you pick a team GETTING 10 points and they are LEADING by 24, you feel like that’s a good bet. I’ll take the official loss here, but hopefully, everyone hedged on the massive Chiefs’ odds when the score was 24-0.

So let’s get to the 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Football Bets: Tomlin’s Tips. All of the information in the 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Football Bets: Tomlin’s Tips is up to date as of January 16th.

2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Tomlin’s Tips

As always, a simple disclaimer: sports betting should be entertainment. The 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Football Bets: Tomlin’s Tips will not make you rich. Anyone with picks saying they can make you rich is a liar and I would bet against them. The 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship Football Bets: Tomlin’s Tips will be about having fun wagering on sports while trying to stay even or break a small profit.

Best NFL Bets:  2-2 last week, 41-49-1 overall

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Tennessee Titans +7 at Kansas City Chiefs

Tennessee got the perfect early game script against the Ravens last week. The Titans might be the best team in the league with a lead because of how Derrick Henry is running. The Ravens are sneakily one of the worst teams in the league when behind. This week is a completely different animal though.

Pat Mahomes made all of you look foolish who had anointed Lamar Jackson already. Lamar can’t overcome a 10-point deficit but Pat can erase a 24-point deficit in just one quarter. However, I don’t think that will matter.

I think this game will be really high scoring. We have two of the top 11 offenses per Pro Football Focus. I also don’t see much pass rush, similar to last week in the Texans/Chiefs game. This is a matchup of two of the worst four pass rushes and two elite pass-blocking units. Fewer sacks will lead to longer drives and more points.

These two did meet a couple of months ago, and that was the last time Kansas City lost. There were some massive blunders in Kansas City’s kicking game, but Derrick Henry ran all over the Chiefs for 188 yards.

Tennessee has covered seven of their last nine, and covered and won five straight games on the road. Both of these teams will score non-stop and I love getting the touchdown in a probable coin flip game.
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San Francisco 49ers -7 vs. Green Bay Packers

The NFC Championship is another rematch. Green Bay comes into it winning six straight contests, but their last loss was a 37-8 defeat at the hands of these 49ers. San Francisco jumped out to a 23-0 lead and never looked back, holding Green Bay to just 198 yards total.

Aaron Rodgers was just 20 of 33 for 104 yards. That’s the lowest total of any game he played where he had at least 23 pass attempts.

Within the game, I think San Francisco can shut down the Green Bay receivers. The 49ers are the best team in the league at covering receivers per Pro Football Focus. They also are sixth in the league in rushing and Green Bay is 25th in rush defense.

The biggest stat discrepancy: yards per play. San Francisco is fifth in the league in yards per play and best in the league in opposing yards per play. Green Bay is below-average in both categories, but more importantly, has a negative 0.3 yards per play difference. Green Bay is positive at 1.3 yards. I think this game will be eerily similar to last week against the Vikings, as the 49ers sustain long drives and keep Rodgers off the field.

Other Games Picked: 1-1 last week, 81-78 overall

Game Total of the Week: 1-0 last week, 9-10 overall

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs, OVER 52

The first matchup between these two teams led to 67 points. Now, both offenses are firing on all cylinders with nothing to hide. I think this will be a contrasting style, offensive explosion.

NFL 10-Point Teaser of the Week: 0-1 last week, 12-8 overall

My brother and I’s favorite bet: you take 10 points extra either off or on the spread. You combine three different teams with the 10 extra points and all have to hit to win.
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Titans +17, 49ers +3, and Titans/Chiefs OVER 42

With not many options for teasing you might as well go with my three best bets.

College Best Bets: 1-0 last week, 59-51-1 overall

Other Bowl Games, 1-0 last week, 27-13 all bowl picks

I got the huge win with LSU and almost hit a 20-1 Pleaser if they would have scored at the end! All in all, it ended up as a really great college season, punctuated by a spectacular bowl season!

That’s it for the 2019-20 NFL Conference Championship football bets in Tomlin’s Tips! Be sure to check out the podcast as well as our first 2020 Fantasy Football mock draft! 

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