Tomlin’s Tips: 2022 NFL Week 17 Football Bets

by Michael Tomlin
2022-23 Super Bowl LVII Football Bets

It is time to bear down with the 2022 NFL Week 17 football bets after my worst pro weekend of the year.

I was not just off; I was horrible in the pros last week. Tua having a concussion during the game and the Titans deciding to punt their games until Week 18 did not help my cause.

Nevertheless, I am back with more research and strategy behind my picks than ever before.

I continued my hot bowl picks to eke out a profit last week at positive 3.1 units. I am now up 31.3 units. That would mean if you placed a $100 wager on every one of my picks, you would be up exactly $3,130 for the season.

As always, a simple disclaimer: sports betting should be entertainment. The 2022 NFL Week 17 football bets will not make you rich. Anyone with picks saying they can make you rich is a liar and I would bet against them.

The 2022 NFL Week 17 football bets will be about having fun wagering on sports while trying to stay even or break a small profit.

All of the information for the 2022 NFL Week 17 football bets is up to date as of December 29th.

Tomlin’s Tips: 2022 NFL Week 17 Football Bets

Each week I will pick my five best bets for the NFL weekend. This is similar to the most famous handicapping contest in the world, The Las Vegas Supercontest, where the winner gets over a million bucks.

The Tomlin Lock of the Week (0-1 Last Week, 12-6 Season, +10.8 Units)

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.5 vs. Carolina Panthers

This past Sunday morning, so just four days from me writing this, you could find a Carolina +7.5 out there in lookahead lines. What has changed since then?

Tampa Bay won (and covered depending on your closing line). Carolina won and covered as an outright underdog. But we are moving the line FIVE points and crossing BOTH key numbers of seven and three???

This is not just a sucker line either, to me at least. I just know that I am giving less than a field goal at home in a de-facto division championship game with Tom Brady against Sam Darnold. Lastly, what do you think the penalty count will be in favor of Tampa? Do you think the NFL would rather have Tom Brady against the Cowboys or Sam Darnold?

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That’s it for the 2022 NFL Week 17 football bets! Be sure to check out our weekly Fantasy Football rankings as well!

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