Tomlin’s Tips: 2022 NFL Week 4 Football Bets

by Michael Tomlin
2022 NFL Week 13 Football Bets

I lost my first Lock of the Week, but am still profitable as we head into the 2022 NFL Week 4 football bets.

Full disclosure, I originally had Atlanta as my Lock of the Week. I literally changed it right before hitting submit. I am not saying I was off the Washington pick, I just liked both equally. So going forward, I will put both in the 2-unit section if I feel the same.

With that said, I am still up for the season. At a 10.3-unit profit, you would be up $1,030 if you et $100 on each of my best bets. Like I have been saying, the subscription is worth it.

As always, a simple disclaimer: sports betting should be entertainment. 2022 NFL Week 4 football bets will not make you rich. Anyone with picks saying they can make you rich is a liar and I would bet against them.

The 2022 NFL Week 4 football bets will be about having fun wagering on sports while trying to stay even or break a small profit.

All of the information for the 2022 NFL Week 4 football bets is up to date as of September 29th.

Tomlin’s Tips: 2022 NFL Week 4 Football Bets

Each week I will pick my five best bets for the NFL weekend. This is similar to the most famous handicapping contest in the world, The Las Vegas Supercontest, where the winner gets over a million bucks.

The Tomlin Lock of the Week (0-1 Last Week, 2-1 Season, +1.8 Units)

Cincinnati Bengals -3 vs. Miami Dolphins (Thursday Night)

I Tweeted out this pick because it was too good to not include on my card. The Dolphins are coming off a game in which they defended ninety plays against the Bills and their Quarterback got dinged up pretty good.

Then, a hurricane was coming to Florida and the team had to leave even earlier for an already super short week. Toss in the recent Tweets showing every play of the Dolphins’ practice, and I think this is the situational lock of the season.

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That’s it for the 2022 NFL Week 4 football bets! Be sure to check out our weekly Fantasy Football rankings as well!

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