Week 1 Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by Gage Padula
2015 quarterback review

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All of the time you spent this preseason researching players, reading articles, and blowing off your significant other has finally culminated into NFL Week One.

The first week in the NFL was everything you would hope it would be AND more! Close games, big hits, and impressive fantasy performances. With all of the impressive performances there were, there was equally as bad performances and even the down right ugly. Let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Week 1.

Week 1 Recap

The Good

With the retirement of Peyton Manning and suspension of Tom Brady, the new guard of young quarterbacks within the National Football League made sure you knew that their time is now.

Andrew Luck returned to doing Andrew Luck like things throwing for 385 yards and four touchdowns. For Luck owners, this was a pleasant sight to see after his injury riddled 2015 campaign. Just as he lead the Colts to an NFL victory, he most likely lead your team to a fantasy victory.

Winston and Carr

Jameis Winston showed that he wasn't going to be affected by any talk of a sophomore slump. Jameis lit up division rival Atlanta for 281 yards and four touchdowns of his own. The former Florida State Seminole was threading needles and dropping the deep bombs. Expect to see Winston in many more starting lineups next Sunday.

some high praise from Mike and Mike Host, Mike Greenberg

Derek Carr, yes the former brother of David Carr, is getting some fantasy love this weekend. Derek Carr threw for 319 yards, one score, and two 2-point conversions. Carr looked confident in the pocket and wasn't phased by the rush. When you're throwing that kind of yardage, the scores are going to come. Keep an eye on the waiver wire for Carr. If he's available, you'll want to pick him up.

The second overall pick and assumed first season red shirt quarterback Carson Wentz proved that he doesn't need any seasoning. Carson threw for 278 yards and two scores. Carson lived up to the high expectations and delivered for the Eagles. Wentz is available across most waiver wires should be taken into consideration if you need a second quarterback.

The Bad

The most disappointing statistic from this opening Sunday of football was the performance of the all of the NFL running backs when it comes to doing their primary job - running the football.

Out of the 30 running backs who had double digit carries only ONE of those running backs eclipsed the century mark; shout to your Lamar Miller with 28 carries (a career high) for 106 yards. Of course there were some impressive games. Matt Forte 22 carries for 96 yards and David Johnson 16 carries for 89 yards, but their fellow backfield companions left a sour taste in our mouth.

Peterson and Freeman

All day Adrian Peterson didn't live up to his nickname. AP turned in a disappointing 19 carries for only 31 yards. With quarterback Shaun Hill under center, the Titans were able to load the box and give Peterson little room to navigate. Peterson will remain in your backfield by default from the high pick you used on him this year, but teams are going to play the run until the Vikes can throw the ball.

Devonta Freeman was unable to live up to the high praise he received this offseason. Freeman carried the ball 11 times for only 20 yards. During Freeman's Ladanian Tomlinson's histroic rise to fame last year, he was able to move the ball on the ground and that lead to his stellar receiving performances. Freeman will need to find his elusiveness to win you your fantasy games.

The Ugly

Every week in the NFL some wide receiver in the league is going to bring in only one catch for somewhere under 10 yards. That player typically isn't one of the most dangerous fantasy guys over the last five years. That guy this week was Dez Bryant.

With an injury to the primary play caller, the Dallas Cowboys rolled with Dak Prescott, rookie out of Mississippi State. Dak's performance was up to par and even above expectations for most fantasy and NFL experts. However, the ball wasn't finding it's way to Dez.

Dez Doesn't

Only targeted five times, Dez brought in one of those balls for eight yards. This is an extremely disappointing performance for one of fantasy's most dangerous options. The Cowboys should game plan this week to get the ball into 88's hands. A few more touches for Dez most likely would have resulted in a win for the Dallas Cowboys and your fantasy team. However, Dez was all positive after the game, which is a positive for the Cowboys and your fantasy team.

Dez could have went total Keyshawn Johnson and said "give me the damn ball", but the outward focus approach he took on the team will only help his relationship with the rookie play caller.

Keenan Allen

In more somber news, but definitely falling under the Ugly category was the knee injury suffered by Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen. Allen was most likely selected as your WR2 in most cases or even your WR1 depending on how your draft played out.

Keenan was putting together an impressive stat line, six catches for 63 yards, when he went down with a no contact injury. The words no contact injury are the ugliest of words you can hear in the NFL world. If a player goes down without being touched, it can only mean disaster.

Reported by NFL Network's Ian Rappaport and the San Diego Tribune, the Chargers fear that Allen most likely tore his ACL indicating an end to his NFL season. With the injury to Allen, the value of the other pass catchers for the Chargers will rise dramatically. Travis Benjamin, Tyrell Williams, Danny Woodhead, and surprisingly enough Melvin Gordon are the players you want to own.

However, when Allen went down, so did the Chargers. They were up 24-3 at one point, but went on to lose the game 33-27 in overtime. Philip Rivers has always played more effectively with Allen on the field. The Chargers' players will help your fantasy team win, but it looks like it may be a long year for the Bolts and its only the end of Week One!

Positive vibes being sent from Fantasy Six Pack to you Keenan Allen on a speedy recovery!

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