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by Dap Scout
How to Become a Player Flipper

Thanks for coming back to another edition of DapScout's Corner. This week I will be covering What should you do during a lockout?

This week I will cover:

Wow, I'm not a one-hit-wonder!

The first week was not nearly as scary as the second week.  Sophomore Slump is real (see: Bobby Crosby).  Can I figure out how to make another lockout-themed article?  Will my Mom find any of this funny enough to share with her friends? I have never been so nervous.  The first week I could have just shrugged and said, "Yeah that sucked, oh well".  But, from the feedback I received from the three people who read the post, I did a passable job.  Not great, but passable.  That is a lot to live up to with the second post.

I have written and deleted probably six different versions of this post so I can't promise that I didn't already delete the best one.

What Should You Do During a Lockout?

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Turning a Bad Trade Offer into a Good Deal

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If your league allows trades right now, there is always at least one owner who is absolutely losing their mind and wants to trade. Ok, I am that owner.  You can identify that owner (ME!) because he is currently sending you messages like:

"Hey just wanted to see if you are interested in trading Ohtani or Acuna?  I have the first pick in the first-year player draft and can throw in an additional player like Yoshi Tsutsugo or Jeff McNeil who had a down year last year. However, we both know they are going to crush it this year!"

The typical first reaction is to send a ridiculous reply to the first message, "I would be interested in trading Ohtani for your entire team and all of your draft picks for the next five years".

Great job! You just scared away the bunny. The scared little bunny.

I used to do that as well.  But then I realized that the first message is a cry for help.  I speak fluent Trade Desperation and you can translate the first message as: "Please, I need to trade because I miss fantasy baseball so much!"

The best way to handle this email is to start small.  "Hey I'm not interested in selling Ohtani or Acuna right now, but was wondering if you would be interested in trading Josh Sborz or Cole Sulser for my second-round pick in the first-year player draft?"

Is this an Earth-shattering trade? No. But what it does do is tell the other manager you are open to trading and have begun to redefine the trade boundaries to something more manageable.

Of course, the other manager can come back and demand Ohtani and Acuna be included. However, if they really want a trade, need a trade, they will come back and play within your adjusted boundaries.

By the way, Josh Sborz and Cole Sulser are amazing middle relievers and should be targeted in any Holds+Save league.  For more middle reliever insight check out Mike Podhorzer's middle reliever targets each week.

The Jedi Mind Trick to Win Trades

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We all have that little voice in our head: "Is the end-of-season breakout real for Jarred Kelenic?  Or is he going to hurt me like Amy did in 7th grade?" We start looking for any information that will back up what we are thinking.  Search Twitter for "Jarred Kelenic comeback", "Jarred Kelenic retooling his swing", "Why Jarred WHY", and "Jarred Kelenic and Selena Gomez Dating". I want to take advantage of this self-doubt.

Let me show you a completely not made-up situation I was a part of where the Jedi Mind trick worked.

It started simple.  I sent a text message to the Jarred Kelenic owner

Jarred Kelenic

The article actually says that people should be patient with Kelenic, but few people will read the article and instead misread the headline.

The "Ugh" is all I needed.  That is the "Ugh" of someone who needs a friend.  The "Ugh" of a tormented soul who wants more texts.

I waited a few days and sent a few funny puppy videos to disguise my next move.  Then I sent:

Did you see that tweet about Kelenic swing

Right after that text I sent a note to the League Chat that said: You all need to stop talking trash about Kelenic!  Sure his first few months were awful but he is going to break out in 2022!

The Kelenic owner wants someone to make him feel better about keeping Kelenic.  They started to see me as an ally, and even sent a late-night text:

Reassure Kelenic Owner using SPStreamer Tweet

Fast-forward to 2024, the MLB Lockout is finally over and Baseball is back!  Jarred Kelenic is coming back from a year in the pro Softball league where he hit a robust .344 OBP but still struggled with a league-leading 87 K's in 30 games. I have become Jarred Kelenic owner's best friend, the best man at his wedding, and I even got engaged to his sister.

I have him right where you want him.

Our fantasy league's auction is coming up.  That's when I text:

The Kelenic owner rewatches Kelenic swinging at a 14mph 0-2 underhand pitch and hitting into a double play. He breathes deeply and gives up.

Jarred Kelenic Trade Accept

I just made a best friend and took a hitter for the equivalent of a package of goldfish pretzels. The only problem is, was I actually right about Kelenic all along, and he really is terrible? (Insert Evil Laugh)

Seriously you are still reading?

If you made it this far, you found the mystery treasure!  Enjoy!  Either way, thank you for reading.  I promise to suck less next week!  If you have any ideas about what I should cover, a show I should watch, or reasons to still be an A's fan, leave me a comment below or hit me up on Twitter - @dapscout.

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Biff Malibu December 24, 2021 - 8:39 pm

I say a piece on what type of hitter thrives in short season (BA contact/streaky, power/OBP???)

Dap Scout December 25, 2021 - 10:29 am

Biff (I hope you don’t mind if I call you Biff), I think that is a great suggestion. I will start working on it. Thank you for reading! (By the way, I loved you in Back to the Future!)


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