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What’s the Difference Between Fantasy Sports and Gambling?


Fantasy sports are growing in popularity right now, and the internet has made it easier than ever for people across the country to participate in fantasy leagues, sometimes for big dollars. But while they are similar to betting, the two are fundamentally different and are treated as such by the authorities.

But one of the main differences between fantasy sports and gambling is that in fantasy sports, you’re actually going against other players, while in gambling, you’re going against the bookies. This significantly changes the approach you should take and how you should play. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two as well as a few tips on how to be successful in the two.

Fantasy Sports are Legal Virtually Everywhere

Fantasy sports are legal pretty much everywhere in the US. When it comes to betting, however, there are less options, though things are changing. While Vegas books used to be the only totally safe way to bet on sports, new laws have made online gambling more open and there are plenty of bookmaking sites that are fully legal and offer great deals. One of them is Unibet. They’re one of the most popular and respectable bookmaking sites online and are known for their great promos where they offer free and risk free bets to new players.

You Have Different Opponents

Like we mentioned earlier, opponents are very different in the two, and you have to strategize accordingly. Bookies usually have a quasi infinite amount of data that they can access and use to make predictions. So, you also will have to spend some time on getting the right data in order to be able to compete.

When it comes to fantasy sports, you have to make sure that you have an edge over the player you’re going up against. While it might seem easier at first glance, it can be easy to drop your guard and think that your skill will be enough, but players are more refined than ever and you’ll have to make sure that you are as rigorous when making your picks as you would be when placing bets.

Gambling Offers More Options

One of the things that favors betting is the sheer choice of options you have. You can bet on more sports, make more potential profit, and have more sites to choose from. If you are very lucky you could bet little over the cost of a dinner and get more than ten times your money back with betting, something that is just impossible with fantasy sports.


Both options have their pros and cons and will appeal to one type of player more than the other. However, we suggest you give both of these a try so you can use your expertise to maximize your chances.

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