Will Allen and the Bills succeed in Super Bowl pursuit?

by Andy Stitzer
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Josh Allen has already highlighted his Jekyll and Hyde-like abilities at the start of the 2023 season. In the Buffalo Bills’ season opener against the New York Jets, Allen failed to manage the situation and threw three costly interceptions in his side’s defeat.

However, Allen flashed his MVP-like qualities in his side’s win over the Las Vegas Raiders, putting forward a three-touchdown display to secure a dominant victory to get the Buffalo Bills off the mark in 2023.

Standout Talent

Although Allen’s performance was pleasing, it won’t mean anything to the Buffalo Bills if he can’t produce those displays on a consistent basis. The Bills are again one of the top contenders in the outright football betting markets to win the Super Bowl, which is promising given that Allen and company have fallen short of even reaching the title game in previous years. They suffered defeats to the Kansas City Chiefs twice and the Cincinnati Bengals over the last three years.

Allen is the key as he can win games almost on his own, but on the other hand, he can easily lose them, too. The pros have to outweigh the cons as Patrick Mahomes has proved whilst firmly establishing himself as the best quarterback in the NFL.

Consistency Is Key

Allen and Mahomes are equally talented, and you could even say that Allen is the more natural athlete on the field. In terms of disparities between the two players, Mahomes can do almost anything with the ball but isn't quite as good as a runner, unlike Allen.

The primary difference between the two players, however, is their consistency. Mahomes has been nothing short of outstanding week after week for the Chiefs since he became their starter in 2018.

You can list his bad games on one hand. Although he does take risks with his approach, they are always calculated and more often than not, they succeed. Allen, on the other hand, is more of a risk-taker, especially with the ball in hand, running down the field.

The Bills quarterback still astounds with his plays on the field, but at times he takes too many risks when they’re not required. In a conference where perfection is required to compete with Mahomes, Joe Burrow, and many others, it’s a misstep he can ill-afford.

Looking Ahead

Now in his sixth year as the Bills’ starter, Allen should be learning from his mistakes. His performance against the Jets was illuminating for all the wrong reasons. With Aaron Rodgers sidelined after only four snaps, the contest was never going to be a high-scoring affair.

But, Allen made three costly mistakes after trying to force the issue rather than take the safe option. Had those interceptions not occurred then the Bills may well have left MetLife Stadium with a win rather than a defeat. Even though it’s only one loss, it may have huge ramifications down the stretch in the battle for playoff seeding.

The Bills have been starved of success, and it appears that the weight of expectations is playing on the mind of Allen and the rest of their players trying to force victories rather than earn them. There have been too many incidents in the past, and they’ve served as a reminder at the start of the season. If Allen and company learn, then they could be on the path to the Super Bowl, if not it will be another season of disappointment.

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