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Winning Your Office Pool: The Statistical Value of Every March Madness Team


I’d guess the majority of people selecting teams in their March Madness bracket will rely on the notion that if a team is seeded higher, they must be the superior team. However, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes teams are drastically under- or over-seeded with regard to their actual on-the-court prowess.

If you can exploit that knowledge, you can identify which teams will provide you the most “value” in your brackets and potentially pick upsets that people miss.

To do this, I made a table of each team’s actual seed in the bracket. From there I looked at both our power rankings here at numberFire and’s Pythagorean Rating rankings to give each team a hypothetical “seed” if they were seeded by statistics, not a committee. I then averaged the two and got a “value” score for each team.

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