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Yankees Somehow Poised To Get Even Better


Coming into the 2019 Major League Baseball season, the New York Yankees weren’t thought to be a clear favorite in the American League East due to the presence of the defending champions Boston Red Sox. But the Yankees have blown the Red Sox away at the top of their division, staking their claim as one of the best teams in the sport this year. And, in a scary thought for the rest of the league, they may be poised to get even better heading into the stretch run.

The big reason for their potential improvement is the fact that they should be getting some of their key players back from injury just in time for the final months of the season. Gary Sanchez has already been activated from the injured list after spending the majority of the season out of the starting catching role due to his ailments. Given the team’s status as the highest-scoring team in the league, Sanchez’s return will only help them against the superior pitching they are sure to find in the playoffs.

But it is the potential return of one of their most important pitchers that could push the Yankees over the top in the final act of this season. Yankees ace Luis Severino has been out for the bulk of this season but is working toward his return to the starting rotation as well. His rehabilitation has progressed to the point that he has started throwing off of the mound again, and he has stated that he is working toward a postseason return to the rotation.

If Severino is able to get back to the form he has enjoyed in previous years, the Yankees will be able to fill a huge hole in their roster. Their starting pitching has been inconsistent this season and has been bailed out by the fact that their offense is one of the best the sport has seen in quite some time. Finding a fix for that this late in the season without having to figure out a way to acquire another player would be a huge boost for any team, let alone one in the middle of a pennant race.

With or without Severino, though, the Yankees’ ability to bludgeon teams with their lineup has made them a favorite to win the World Series. Along with the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers, the Yankees make up the bulk of MLB predictions to win this year’s title. But with both of those teams having recent World Series experience, the Yankees know that they will need to elevate their collective game to reach the top of the mountain this season.

Fortunately for the Yankees, it is a lot easier to reach the top of the mountain when you can hit a ball over mountains as regularly as they appear able to. The questions from here are if they can get their ace back and if they can avoid the problem that has plagued them in the last two postseasons. That problem was their bats shutting down against elite postseason pitchers, something they can’t afford to have happen this fall.

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